is 3 fieldIS-3 Imaging Station

Does more than a robotic instrument! Does more than a laser scanner!

The Topcon IS-3 combines the power of both a laser scanner and a robotic instrument
into one superior long-range, imaging robotic system.

It has the power, accuracy, and speed of a Total Station and with the auto-scanning capabilities of a Laser Scanner; Topcon’s IS-3 takes material management, as-built design, and structural/environmental monitoring out of the clouds and puts it at your fingertips.

The IS-3’s powerful functionality is controlled using Topcon’s exclusive ImageMaster™ software that produces “photography with dimension”, a revolutionary and cost effective alternative to laser scanning.

is 3 instrument

How it Works

Topcon’s IS-3 features dual digital imaging cameras providing a color, real-time image on the touch LCD display.

To define a scan area, simply tap the image display, or for uniform measurement of an area, select the grid feature. The IS-3 “locks” these points to their exact position on the image, even when the instrument is rotated.

Once all points to be measured are chosen, the IS-3 performs a reflectorless measurement of each point.

When used in conjunction with Topcon’s unique RC-4 remote control system, the IS-3 will track prisms up to 1000 m away.

is 3 scanAdditional features of the IS-3 include:

  • Topcon’s X-TRAC 8 advanced auto-tracking technology provides quick and powerful tracking under the harshest conditions.
  • Two built-in digital cameras, a wide-angle and a 30x tele-zoom with complete image storage.
  • Continuous monitoring which complements the every day function of robotic surveying.

Recommended Systems

Robotic Scanning
  • Topcon IS-3
  • Robotic Kit
  • On-board TopSURV
  • ImageMaster IS Version
  • Topcon IS-3
  • ImageMaster Standard Version
  • On-board TopSURV


  • Topographic Land Surveys, 
  • Boundary Surveys, 
  • Construction
  • Scanning from on-board TopSURV, 
  • Scanning from WiFi connected 
  • ImageMaster running on a PC.


  • Long-range Scanning:
    quarry, mining, construction site,
  • Mid-range Scanning:
    bridge, embankments, dams, levy, monitoring.
  • Short-range Scanning:
    interior of buildings, lot