Magnet Office

MAGNET Office design software is the best software solution for our customers.  The ability to collaborate within your private, safe, and secure MAGNET Company Account places MAGNET Office software above the competition, but at an aggressively lower price point.

civilcad magnet  

Features & Benefits:

  • MAGNET Office Tools automatically included
  • MAGNET Enterprise and SIteLink 3D enabled
  • Mutliple modules to pick from
  • Supports all surveying and construction applications
  • Full 3D-MC data support
  • Full road design and resurface functionality

MAGNET Office is CAD software developed by Topcon for use by land surveying professionals, heavy highway construction contractors, and / or design engineering professionals. With it's extensive range of time saving tools and flexible options, MAGNET Office provides a complete desktop survey and drafting solution. 

Project Files

The MAGNET Office project file is self-contained and space-efficient. It provides a facility to store any files related to a project into a single file, making tasks like archiving simple.

A project file can contain all survey data, raw data, surfaces, roads, drainage designs and drawings. Required library data is also saved in the project file to ensure portability.


MAGNET Office offers numerous options for subdivision, road, and drainage design, and its comprehensive editing capabilities enable you to reprocess survey data and update graphics immediately. In addition, MAGNET Office is extremely customizable, so you can control how a project is finished.


Three Main Modules, for your custom project needs

In addition to the included companion software of MAGNET Tools (transfer, office proessing, quality checking, and report generation),there are three main modules of MAGNET Office that you can choose from depending on your job requirements.