Why use Reflex Paper?


 At Theodist we are the only authorized distributor for Reflex Paper. Reflex offers high quality paper to deliver optimal results in all office equipment. Reflex also offers naturally sustainable products and 100% recycled paper to help reduce your carbon footprint in the workplace.

Each batch of Reflex is tested through a wide range of printers and copiers to ensure perfect performance every time. We use Relflex paper in our highend digital printers that produce hundreds of thousands of prints each year. We can always rely on Reflex.

Is your printer jamming?

 If your printer is jamming, the most common fault is the use of poor quality paper. Buying top quality paper will ensure your printer is working effeciently and with longevity without interuption and possible damage to expensive equipment. Smooth ultra white Reflex has built-in curl control to prevent paper jams and works brilliantly in all types of office equipment. 

What do the symbols mean?

Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certification confirms that the fibre used in Reflex is sourced only for sustainably managed plantations and forestry operations. The ALS is the standard in sustainable forestry management that is recognised by Standards Australia and is also globally recognised by the PEFC, the worlds largest sustainable forest management certification system. 

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